Booking FAQ

Please note: these are the general questions I’m most commonly asked. For performance fee information or anything else you’d like to know, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Q: What time will the musician/s arrive?
A: I/we will usually arrive and set up an hour and half before the performance start time. If you require us to set up earlier in the day, please call to discuss.

Q: How long does it take the musician/s to set-up?
A: Depending on the number of musicians involved, usually around an hour.

Q: How long will the band play for, and how long are the intervals?
A: The length of the performance depends upon your requirements on the day. Intervals are usually ten minutes long but can be longer or shorter depending upon your requirements.

Q: Will the musician/s require refreshments?
A: I/we would be grateful if soft refreshments could be provided free of charge while we are at the venue. If possible, a hot meal would be greatly appreciated as well because we often arrive home very late after an event.

Q: How do I confirm my booking?
A: Please contact me via phone, email, or the contact form on this website, supplying your full details and the venue address. I will then send you a contract with full terms and conditions that must be signed and returned to confirm the booking. A deposit of 25% will also be required, payable by BACS or online card payment.

Q: What if the musician/s is taken ill on the day of the event?
A: If I, or any of the musicians, are unable to attend the event due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, I will do my very best to find a suitable replacement. In the extremely unlikely event that all the musicians are unable to attend and I cannot find a suitable replacement, I will offer a full refund of your deposit at your request.

Q: What happens if we cancel the event?
A: It depends upon the circumstances and time scale involved. Please notify us of the cancelation as soon as possible, and we will do our very best to help find an amicable solution.

Q: Will the musician/s provide their own sound equipment and PA system?
A: Yes, I/we will bring all the necessary sound equipment with us. 

Q: Will you need a stage?
A: A stage will be very welcome but it is not a requirement.

Q: Do you have any specific power requirements?
A: Usually, 2-3 independent 13-amp sockets are all that is required depending upon the sound/PA system we bring with us. Details will be included on the contract.

Q: Do you have public liability insurance (PLI) and is your equipment PAT tested?
A: Yes. If the venue requires a certificate for either of these, please let me know when you make the booking.


I found the first lesson very relaxed and focused. The teaching style was friendly and I was very pleased to have been able to learn a scale within the first session
Gurpreet G
Medical Professional, Cambridge, England
There is something very spiritual about Indian classical music and my lessons with Vijay always tap into this spirituality. I finish each lesson feeling calm and revitalized
Lawyer/Writer, London

Mr. Jagtap is a true diamond! I am SO delighted to have met him. I am taking Sitar lessons and am truly enjoying every session. He is genuinely professional in many Indian instruments including my favorite Sitar. His teaching method is really excellent I learned the basics in a couple of sessions! I’m so grateful for his kindness!

Sarwar Haidari
Engineer UK

Ustad Jagtap-ji is an excellent teacher. His passion and love for music is manifested through his teaching.

Medical Professional, London, England
Learning to play the Sitar from Guruji has been one of the most rewarding aspects in my life. Now my son has also started to learn to play the Sitar from Guruji
I regularly attend the weekly online Riyaz group class, and I have seen a huge improvement in my learning and understanding of various techniques
Tehreem Atif
Product manager, London
I am very happy that I found Vijayji. Guruji teaches in a way which is clear and understandable for the student. His lessons are very informative and enjoyable.
Dr Ashwin

Vijay is a truly wonderful sitar player! He creates a very beautiful sound that was perfect for our event. Our guests were all very complimentary of his music and Vijay was professional and organised to work with.

Anna Beketov
Guru Vijay Jagtap-ji’s patient hands-on teaching makes music really accessible. Being able to receive one-to-one instruction over nearly two decades has been a privilege
Dr Ondrej Pribyl
IT company director, London
Vijay Bhai is the most amazing person/guru I have ever known. The way he teaches the Sitar is beautiful, and very calming and easy to understand. Each process is taught so well. I feel so lucky to have him teach me!”
Thank you for the invaluable Riyaz session today. I am very happy to have attended as it inspires me to practice and play today. Best wishes.

Thank you very much for the lesson - it was great and I learned loads.

Vijay is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He has a deep-rooted understanding of every aspect of Sitar music which he offers generously to all his students
Tonight, I had my first Sitar lesson with Vijay. It was one of the most amazing hours of my life. I wish more teachers out there could be like him
Learning the Sitar with Vijay is always a high point of my week. It is a real privilege to have such a talented and committed musician as a teacher
Jimmy Pitt-Watson
Vijay is patient and takes you through each step. I like the way we sing together following the notation, just like reciting a song. It helps me to play the instrument better”
Medical professional, London

We thank you for the music you played 'for us'. How truly delightful it was and it was a magical moment for us to hear it.

Mike and Lynda
I highly recommend Guruji to any parent keen on introducing Hindustani music to their child
Krish Vasudevan
Software engineer, Bushey England
Vijay is a committed artist who infuses sheer magic in his performance and mesmerises listeners with his beautiful compositions
Narendra Kumar
My 10-year-old daughter and I have been learning Sitar from Pandit Vijay Jagtap since November last year. From the very first lesson, we both came away feeling very peaceful.  He’s kind, tolerant, patient, cultured, expert in his field and enjoys what he teaches. As for myself, have learnt a lot more in the last few months with Pandit Vijay Jagtap. I would most definitely recommend this teacher. We are both really enjoying our lessons… so much so that I’m waiting for my next child to be old enough to learn from him too!
Vrinda Kishori
It was an amazing performance leaving an everlasting impression over our minds.
Dr Prakash Kumar
Medical Specialist, Reading England
One of the most highly acclaimed British-based Sitar artists. He is renowned for both his technical excellence and brilliance on strings
London, England

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