Vijay Jagtap is a passionate and an exceptional sitar player who has earned several accolades. He is regarded as UK’s acclaimed sitar players, renowned for both his technical excellence and brilliance on this stringed instrument. Vijay Jagtap holds a master’s degree on sitar from Maharaja Siyajirao University, Vadodara, India, and hails from a family of musicians.

Vijay is a committed artist who infuses sheer magic in his sitar performances. This was evident at his performances, specially the one at the Westminster Abbey, in presence of Her Majesty the Queen and his Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh on Observance for the Commonwealth Day. He has given several television and radio performances. His performances have often been of a brilliant artistry with beautiful compositions. He continues to perform regularly and teaches music to many students.

Manjeet Singh Rasiya is a master tabla player who performs traditional Indian and contemporary music from the Indian subcontinent. Manjeet has appeared at many festivals and is recorded on many albums. Manjeet enjoys collaborative work with UK’s Jazz musicians in a genre of Indo Jazz Fusion.

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Past Events

  • The Lewes Guitar Festival, Brighton.
  • Victoria & Albert Museum, London.
  • “Don’t Forget Me” Alzheimer’s Society, Imperial College Great Hall, London.
  • Amnesty International UK on Human Rights Day Service. Westminster Abbey, London.
  • Composed music score for the silent film “Throw of Dice” and performed it live in the National Film Theatre, London and for film performances at the Phoenix Leicester, UK.
  • In 1998 I was privileged to perform in Westminster Abbey, London, in the presence of Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh on the occasion of An Observance for Commonwealth Day. I have the honour of being the first Indian classical artist to ever play in Westminster Abbey, London.
  • BBC Royal Institution Christmas Lectures.
  • BBC TV session for Music Box.
  • BBC Young Musicians ’96 Asian music workshop.
  • BBC TV series called “What’s That Noise”.
  • BBC TV series called “See Hear”.
  • BBC TV series called “The E File”.
  • French Television show “Nulle Part Ailleurs” in Paris.
  • Recorded my own compositions for the popular BBC TV series “Dangerfield”. The series was an international success, and my work as a performer and composer on the “Dangerfield” soundtrack has been heard all over the world.
  • Cambridge University, UK.
  • University of Bristol, UK.
  • Northwood college of Middlesex, London.
  • SOAS (The School of Oriental and African Studies), London.
  • Horniman Museum, London.
  • Hammersmith College, London.
  • City Hall, Tower Bridge, London.
  • Hastings Museum and Art Gallery, Hastings.
  • September 1991 to March 1992 I participated in a documentary made for the Horniman Museum. The documentary was about the Sitar and classical music of India. It explored different aspects of Sitar playing techniques, as well as two performances of Raga (traditional Indian classical music).
  • London Philharmonic Orchestra, “Roots: Classical Fusions Star Songs – Life Song” International Series. 2001/02 Royal Festival Hall, London.
  • Workshop leader for the Barbican Education project “Ocean of Stories” Feb. 2003 Barbican Centre, London.
  • Fusion CD projects: “Sundown at the Coastline” Played in track “Blindfaith”.
  • “Arts in Action” Festival, Oxford.
  • Music workshop & demonstration, Jacqueline Du Pre Music Building, Oxford.
  • Sitar Solo, Pegasus Theatre, Oxford.
  • The Jack Petchey Foundation awards ceremony, London.
  • Concert for NSPCC and Childline, The Pavilion, Richmond.
  • Sitar Concert in St. Hilda’s College. Jacqueline Du Pre Music Building, Oxford.
  • Clonakilty International Guitar Festival, Cork, Ireland (concert tour).
  • Sitar Solo concert, Swiss Cottage, London.
  • Sitar concert at John Lewis Partnership Music Society, London.
  • Young Hearts and Minds performance, London.
  • Esporta Health Club, Chiswick Park, London.
  • The London Marriott, Park Lane, London.
  • Sitar performance at Sawbridgeworth, UK.
  • Sitar performance at Hermes, London.
  • “Harrow’s Heroes” Sitar performance at Elliot Hall, London.
  • Hertford Music Festival, Lecture-Recital featuring the Sitar and Tabla for the first time in the Music Festival. Presented by the Hertford Music Club.
  • “The Fusion Group”, The Jack Petchey Foundation Awards ceremony, London.


Ustad Jagtap-ji is an excellent teacher. His passion and love for music is manifested through his teaching.

Medical Professional, London, England
I found the first lesson very relaxed and focused. The teaching style was friendly and I was very pleased to have been able to learn a scale within the first session
Gurpreet G
Medical Professional, Cambridge, England
Vijay is a committed artist who infuses sheer magic in his performance and mesmerises listeners with his beautiful compositions
Narendra Kumar

Thank you very much for the lesson - it was great and I learned loads.

I highly recommend Guruji to any parent keen on introducing Hindustani music to their child
Krish Vasudevan
Software engineer, Bushey England
Vijay is an excellent teacher and great artist, and I was impressed by his style of teaching
Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Tonight, I had my first Sitar lesson with Vijay. It was one of the most amazing hours of my life. I wish more teachers out there could be like him
There is something very spiritual about Indian classical music and my lessons with Vijay always tap into this spirituality. I finish each lesson feeling calm and revitalized
Lawyer/Writer, London
Learning the Sitar with Vijay is always a high point of my week. It is a real privilege to have such a talented and committed musician as a teacher
Jimmy Pitt-Watson
Vijay Bhai is the most amazing person/guru I have ever known. The way he teaches the Sitar is beautiful, and very calming and easy to understand. Each process is taught so well. I feel so lucky to have him teach me!”
I regularly attend the weekly online Riyaz group class, and I have seen a huge improvement in my learning and understanding of various techniques
Tehreem Atif
Product manager, London
I am very happy that I found Vijayji. Guruji teaches in a way which is clear and understandable for the student. His lessons are very informative and enjoyable.
Dr Ashwin
Learning to play the Sitar from Guruji has been one of the most rewarding aspects in my life. Now my son has also started to learn to play the Sitar from Guruji
Incredible sitar playing. I love the sensitivity of your playing, and I would love to come and watch you play very much. Please let me know the next time you’re performing
Colin Gall, London

When I had my first lesson with Vijay my intention was to have a one off class, but in that first hour I learned so much and I understood there was so much more to learn that I immediately signed up for 10 classes.

Santiago Alegrett
Sound Engineer UK

Mr. Jagtap is a true diamond! I am SO delighted to have met him. I am taking Sitar lessons and am truly enjoying every session. He is genuinely professional in many Indian instruments including my favorite Sitar. His teaching method is really excellent I learned the basics in a couple of sessions! I’m so grateful for his kindness!

Sarwar Haidari
Engineer UK
Vijay is patient and takes you through each step. I like the way we sing together following the notation, just like reciting a song. It helps me to play the instrument better”
Medical professional, London
Your music is Mind and Soul music. Awesome performance, and excellent co-ordination and body language between you and the Tabla player on stage. Astounding!”
Guru Vijay Jagtap-ji’s patient hands-on teaching makes music really accessible. Being able to receive one-to-one instruction over nearly two decades has been a privilege
Dr Ondrej Pribyl
IT company director, London
It was an amazing performance leaving an everlasting impression over our minds.
Dr Prakash Kumar
Medical Specialist, Reading England
Thank you, Guruji, for continuing to teach the children via Zoom during this pandemic. The kids have thoroughly enjoyed your Tabla lessons
Sai School London
I found Vijay’s style of teaching very clear, his manner very encouraging, and the atmosphere totally comfortable. I thoroughly enjoyed it

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